Global warming stretches Rocky Mountain wildflower season


In response to global warming, pasque flowers are blooming earlier in the spring in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. bberwyn photo.

Colorado ecosystems will see profound changes

Staff Report

FRISCO — The Rocky Mountain wildflower season is about one month longer than it was just a few decades ago.

That  may be pleasant for hikers and photographers, but the rapid shift in the timing of seasonal blooming will have profound consequences for birds and bugs that depend on the blooms for food.

The 39-year study shows  more than two-thirds of alpine flowers have changed their blooming pattern in response to climate change. Half the flowers start to bloom weeks earlier, more than a third are reaching their peak bloom earlier, and others are producing their last blooms later in the year. Continue reading

Morning photo: Editor’s choice

High country landscapes


Sunset over Buffalo Mountain, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Indulging the inner photographer, I scrolled back through the Summit Voice archives to choose a few classic Summit County scenes from seasons gone by. Summit Voice photography is for sale at our online Fine Art America gallery. Continue reading

Morning photo: Saturday …



Here’s how the day started in Summit County, with a little help from Instagram.

FRISCO — Labor Day weekend got off to a good, if somewhat soggy, start, with visitors from the Front Range and around the country thronging the high country for one last summer weekend, even as ski resorts started ramping up sales efforts for season passes. But the lingering monsoon has kept things pretty warm. The moist air acts like a blanket; so far we haven’t had those first few crisp nights that often do in late August, but nobody is complaining. Continue reading

Morning photo: Breck and beyond …

iPhone safari


Couldn’t resist trying a little Monet twist on this patch of poppies in Breckenridge.

FRISCO — The poppies growing at the north end of Breckenridge may not be native to the Colorado high country, but they are putting on a spectacular show right now, so I couldn’t resist a couple of quick drive-by snaps, knowing that I’d want to edit them, and already thinking about an impressionistic version because, well, ever since Monet, it just seems poppies were made for just that.

Meanwhile, along the Riverwalk, a tall stand of yellow coneflowers is serving as a late-summer bastion for multiple species of bees. At times, there were two, three and even four bees perched on a single bloom. In fact, tomorrow, I’m taking by compact Nikon back to the same spot to try and get even closer to these beleaguered insects. I’m really hoping that the town isn’t using any chemical treatments on these plants. It’s a little unusual to see this many bees in one place these days!

After checking our iPhone snapshots, visit our online gallery at FineArt America for more. Continue reading

Morning photo: Classic Rocky Mountains

In the canyons …


Sun seekers.

FRISCO —A set of highly filtered iPhone shots just for fun. It’s a blast being able to shoot straight into the sun, knowing that you’ll be able to mix and match in the Instagram palette to make something eye catching. If you enjoy our Colorado snapshots here on Summit Voice or on Twitter, be sure to visit our online gallery at FineArt America, with a full selection of fine art prints and groovy Colorado greeting cards. Continue reading

Morning photo: Snapshots …

Drive-by photography …



FRISCO —A handful of drive-by snapshots, along with some mountain meadows and wildflowers, are featured in today’s super-quick iPhoneography photo essay. If you like the snaps, please visit our online RedBubble photo gallery, featuring landscape prints and greeting cards with stunning Colorado scenery. Continue reading

Morning photo: Insta-faves

The Colorado wildflowers keep on coming


Shrine Pass sunset.

FRISCO — Wherever you look these days, it’s knee-deep wildflowers, whether it’s up high in the Alpine zone, in the upland forests or even in the valley bottoms along the rivers. It kind of shows that timing is everything when it comes to moisture. Even though the winter was dry, the spring precipitation arrived just in time to really soak the soil, germinating long-buried seeds and nurturing tall grasses. What a spring and early summer it’s been. Let’s hope for more of the same! If you enjoy this iPhone snapshot gallery, be sure to visit the online Bob Berwyn/Summit Voice gallery at FineArt America, with a great selection of Summit County landscapes available as fine art prints and greeting cards.


Paintbrush along Lime Creek Road.

Continue reading

Morning photo: Full bloom



Early morning sun casts pleasing light on these Colorado wildflowers.

FRISCO — Focusing the iPhone camera for super close-ups is hard, and nearly impossible in certain situations, and I haven’t quite mastered to Olloclip closeup lens, so I took the Nikon Coolpix for a spin a couple of days ago specifically to try and get some detailed shots of wildflowers at the peak of the season — at least here at valley elevations around Frisco and Dillon. After not having used the compact Nikon for a while, the color casts took me by surprise, so much so that I went back to the same spot the next day to compare the images stored in the camera with the natural setting. Turns out, it was actually pretty close, so none of these images have been tweaked, other than cropping. If you enjoy Summit Voice photography, consider visiting our online gallery at FineArt America, where you’ll find a full selection of Summit County landscape images available for purchase as fine art prints or notecards. Continue reading

Morning photo: Colorplay

Some iPhone snaps


They may be invasive and noxious weeds, but these daisies still make a nice foreground for a sunset shot of Peak 1 in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Just a few snapshots of our favorite wildflowers and weeds … Visit the online Summit Voice gallery at FineArt America for a full selection of high-resolution landscape images from the Colorado high country. Continue reading

Morning photo: A mixed bag

Some Summit County bits and pieces

A Parry's primrose stands tall in the vicinity of Thor Tower. Photo courtesy Stan Wagon. Visit his website for more great wildflower photography.

A Parry’s primrose stands tall in the vicinity of Thor Tower. Photo courtesy Stan Wagon. Visit his website for more great wildflower photography.

FRISCO — You know what they say about a picture …


Backyard bug. This image isn’t quite as crisp as it should be, but the gold-colored beetle is pretty cool — and it sat still for the picture.

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