Are fish getting ‘anxious’ about global warming?

New study shows behavioral impacts of ocean acidification By Summit Voice FRISCO — If you think you’re worried about climate change, just imagine how some ocean critters must be feeling as the seas become ever-warmer and more acidic. Numerous studies already show the physiological impacts of ocean acidification, and new research suggests there may also […]

Climate: Ocean acidification hard to swallow for some marine organisms

Research shows direct impact on sea urchin larvae By Summit Voice *More Summit Voice coverage of ocean acidification is online here. FRISCO — Sea urchins may be a canary in the coalmine for the impacts of ocean acidification, according to new research, which shows that the digestive function of the marine animals is impaired by […]

Endangered species status sought for ‘Finding Nemo’ star

Global warming, aquarium trade taking a toll on clownfish By Summit Voice SUMMIT COUNTY — “Finding Nemo” may be harder than ever, as global warming devastates coral reef habitats that tiny clownfish need to breed and feed, so environmental activists this week petitioned the federal government to protect the fish, along with several other related […]

Ocean acidification a ‘dangerous game’

Current rate of acidification faster than at any time during the past 300 million years By Summit Voice SUMMIT COUNTY — The world’s oceans are acidifying at 10 times the rate measured during some previous major climate shifts, a change that doesn’t bode well for many familiar ocean species. “What we’re doing today really stands […]

Global warming: Is CO2 driving fish crazy?

Researchers detect neural damage from dissolved carbon dioxide in the ocean By Summit Voice SUMMIT COUNTY — Rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in the ocean may cause neural damage in fish, interfering with their ability to smell and participate in synchronized schooling maneuvers that make them less vulnerable to predators. Along with documenting the way […]

Environment: Ocean acidification a ‘one-way’ experiment

Clownfish may lose hearing, become vulnerable to predators as C02 levels rise By Summit Voice SUMMIT COUNTY — Increasing acidification of the oceans is affecting sensory organs in fish and could make some marine species more vulnerable to predators. Existing research shows that the CO2 in the oceans is causing some fish to lose their […]


Muir Glacier Pair Image Credit: National Snow and Ice Data Center, W. O. Field, B. F. Molnia Click on the image to go to the story at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. On the left is a photograph of Muir Glacier taken on August 13, 1941, by glaciologist William O. Field; on the […]


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