Environment: Are Antarctica’s emperor penguins going mobile in response to global warming?

Penguin populations in flux By Summit Voice FRISCO — Just six months after scientists documented breeding emperor penguins moving from sea ice to ice-shelf habitat, a new study reinforces the idea that Antarctica’s iconic birds may be more mobile than thought. It’s too early to say for sure, but that could be good news in […]

Study shows why Penguins need more protection

‘If we don’t worry about the imminent threats now, it’s probably not worth worrying about the medium-term future’ By Bob Berwyn FRISCO — The world’s penguins could use a little help, a team of  leading conservation biologists said last month, announcing results of a study that systematically assessed global risks to the southern hemisphere sea […]

Climate: Are emperor penguins doomed?

New study projects 50 percent decline by century’s end as sea ice habitat dwindles Staff Report FRISCO — Antarctica’s emperor penguins may be colonizing new territory right now, but the long-term outlook for the birds is grim, according to new research showing that changes in sea ice concentration will likely cause most colonies to decline […]

Climate: Adélie penguins face uncertain future

Collapsing icebergs could disrupt breeding and feeding By Summit Voice FRISCO — Climate change, and the the increasing frequency of unpredictable, extreme weather event, are making it difficult to project trends in penguin populations, French researchers said in a new study published this week in PLOS ONE. The authors suggest that penguins are able to […]

Can emperor penguins adapt to global warming?

Recent satellite observations show birds adapting to changes in sea ice By Bob Berwyn FRISCO — Emperor penguins living at the edge of their range may be able to find new breeding grounds as their sea-ice breeding habitat dwindles in coming decades. Recent satellite monitoring shows that the Antarctic birds moved from their traditional sea-ice […]

Morning photo: Antarctica wildlife

Plans to protect Antarctic marine biodiversity falter FRISCO — For all its reputation as an icy wasteland, Antarctica actually teams with life, which makes it all the more disappointing that an international conservation commission once again failed to finalize plans for long-sought marine protected areas in the Ross Sea and off the coast of East […]

Crucial Antarctica conservation talks start next week

International commission to reconsider proposals for new marine protected areas in the Ross Sea and East Antarctica By Summit Voice FRISCO — For only the second time in its 32-year history, an international Antarctic conservation commission will meet outside its regularly scheduled session, and stakes are huge, as delegates from around the world will decide […]

Climate: Some penguins expanding range as ice melts

Adélie penguins breed in ice-free areas By Summit Voice FRISCO — While populations of ice-loving chinstrap and emperor penguins in Antarctica may be squeezed by global warming, Adélie penguins may actually benefit from warmer  temperatures, according to University of Minnesota Polar Geospatial Center researchers. Scientists from the United States and New Zealand studied a combination […]

Antarctica conservation group fails to reach deal

Proposals for Ross Sea, East Antarctica marine preserves falter at annual CCAMLR meeting; special session set for next summer in Germany By Bob Berwyn FRISCO — Proposals to create vast new marine preserves in the Ross Sea and East Antarctica floundered during the final stages of an international meeting in Hobart, Tasmania this week, as […]

Antarctica: U.S. proposes huge Ross Sea marine preserve

Plan includes some fishing limits in critical zones but leaves other areas open to commercial exploitation By Bob Berwyn SUMMIT COUNTY — A proposed new conservation zone in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica could help preserve one the most productive and pristine ecosystems in the Southern Ocean. The Ross Sea continental shelf encompasses one […]


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