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Morning photo: Insta-Summit

Around the neighborhood …

Groovy sunset yesterday. – more DSLR shots at www.summitvoice.org #colorado

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FRISCO — A few iPhone shots from around Summit County the last few days once again show the incredible versatility of the snazzy camera. I pretty much leave the HDR setting on the whole time, which means the camera saves an HDR and a “regular” version of each, giving me more choices during the editing phase (and yes, there’s a little more to it than just point and shoot. Composition is always a factor when I’m thinking Instagram, because the square photos go against the natural grain of a photographer used to shooting in a square format. It’s actually a good exercise in composition because it often forces me to shoot vertical images (giving me more room to work within the square IG template. Check our Instagram feed for more.

Good morning!

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The wildflowers are starting to pop, especially in the Lower Blue Valley, north of Silverthorne.

Evening in Frisco ….

A photo posted by Bob Berwyn (@bberwyn) on

Just down at the end of our road, the Meadow Creek wetlands reflect evening light with Buffalo Mountain as a backdrop.

Just before the thunder and lightning yesterday … #colorado

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Cloudplay …

Buffalo Mountain sumco #colorado

A photo posted by Bob Berwyn (@bberwyn) on

Passing storm.

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