Colorado: Sen. Bennet calls for climate change action


Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.)

Senator from Colorado says massive switch in energy policy needed to address climate impacts to Colorado

By Summit Voice

FRISCO —U.S.  Sen. Michael Bennet, a Colorado Democrat, is calling on state residents to support a far-reaching renewable energy plan as a way to tackle global warming.

According to Bennet, Colorado’s economy is already feeling the effects of extreme weather, including shorter ski seasons, the constant threat of wildfire, and multi-year droughts that threaten Colorado’s $40 billion agriculture economy.

Bennet says the nation must take action to address a changing climate.

“One big step we can take is to create an energy plan that is relevant to our needs and interests in the in the 21st century and not stuck deep in the 1900s. It means investing in new energy technologies — and the jobs that come with it — that will actually allow us the luxury of not importing oil from the Persian Gulf anymore,” Bennet said in an email aimed at getting people to sign a petition in support of a forward-looking energy plan.

“When it comes to renewable energy, Colorado has abundant wind and sunshine. And we have plenty of natural gas that can help us transition to a new and cleaner energy economy. Colorado can continue to be on the cutting edge of the industries that power America’s future. But that won’t happen unless we develop these technologies today,” Bennet said.

“We cannot allow ourselves to remain stuck in the past. The monied interests in Washington don’t want to see anything change — because if we break the status quo, they might lose. But we have to be more concerned with how Colorado wins — how we build the economy of the 21st century right here on our wind farms in Weld County and Peetz, our natural gas supplies in the San Juan Basin, and our hydroelectric plants throughout the state,” he concluded.

Renewable energy is an important part of the path forward. Support a comprehensive energy plan that invests in renewable energy technology and jobs. Sign the petition today.

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