Morning photo: Saturday set

Where the frost flowers bloom


Frost garden.

FRISCO — Just like good wildflower years seem to come and go in cycles, the frost flowers don’t always bloom in great profusion in Summit County. Frost flowers, which have their own Wikipedia page, tend to grow on fresh, thin sea of lake ice, where there’s a high temperature contrast between the air and the ice. In the Arctic, the crystalline blooms help dispel salts and other seawater chemicals into the atmosphere; along the Snake River, they likely do the same with the high levels of metals in the water. Some years, the entire surface of Dillon Reservoir has been covered by these delicate and ephemeral crystals, but this year, I had to scour the Snake River to find a few small clusters Saturday morning. Check out our online gallery at Fine Art America for a full selection of Summit County landscape and nature shots.


Going with the flow.


Intentional over-saturation helped brighten this half-light frost crystal portrait.


Tried to give this an old-timey black & white feel …


Steam rising off the Snake River, near Keystone, freezes into tiny crystals.

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  1. Amazing, I didn’t know they are called frost flowers. I always thought they are just snowflakes forming on a surface. Thanks for posting. I really love the lighting on the last image.

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