Morning photo: (Im)perfection

Sometimes you gotta edit …


Shooting into the sunrise along the Snake River.

FRISCO —Shooting in the early morning can be glorious, but there are some big challenges. Cold temps can quickly drain your camera battery, and the light is often full of strong contrasts, and changes rapidly as the sun comes up, so you have to be ready to adjust. You have to have patience, too, and even if you do, chances are there will still be images requiring some serious post processing in the digital darkroom. Even with a deft touch,  they do not always turn out to be the stellar images I envision, but it’s sure fun trying!


Sunset over Buffalo Mountain.

Mountain dawn, Frisco, Colorado.

Mountain dawn, Frisco, Colorado.


Light play.

More sunrise light ...

More sunrise light …





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3 Responses

  1. Great set, beautiful images!

  2. If these aren’t the stellar images you wanted, I can’t imagine what your standards are like! Really beautiful shots. Ones of your photos was featured on Creeklife/Facebook, by the way:

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