Udall urges CIA to come clean on torture program

Obama administration has yet to authorize release of a congressional report on ‘wrongheaded’ and ‘misguided’ detention and interrogation program

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — There’s little doubt that the detention and interrogation program used in the war on terror violates international law. And with the Obama administration still refusing to come clean, Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) pressed for a full and transparent accounting of the program during a confirmation hearing for CIA General Counsel nominee Caroline Diane Krass.

Udall said that, before he can support her nomination, he needs additional information and assurances relating to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s landmark study on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program. Udall has been a leading voice in Congress for the White House and CIA to come clean about the agency’s deeply flawed detention and interrogation program.

During the hearing, Udall pressed Krass on discrepancies between a reported CIA internal review of its detention and interrogation program and the official agency response to the committee’s exhaustive study of the wrongheaded program. Udall said it’s his understanding that the CIA’s internal report, initiated by former CIA Director Leon Panetta, reached similar conclusions to those in the committee’s 6,300-page study, which was approved and sent to the CIA in December 2012.

“It appears that [the CIA's internal detention and interrogation program review], which was initiated by former Director Panetta, is consistent with the Intelligence committee’s report, but amazingly it conflicts with the official CIA response,” Udall said. “If this is true, it raises fundamental questions about why a review the CIA conducted internally years ago … is so different from the CIA’s formal written response to the committee study. … We’ve requested a copy of the internal review, but the CIA has yet to provide it.”

Udall asked for the CIA to respond to outstanding requests for cables and other information that are necessary for completion of the Committee’s report.

He also asked for a public statement from the White House committing to the fullest possible declassification of the Committee study, as well as the CIA’s response to the study.

Udall said he has grave concerns about the CIA’s commitment to setting the record straight about its detention and interrogation program, including misleading statements it has made to the public and Congress.

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