Morning photo: More autumn-ness

Seasons of the Summit


Rosehips in the snow.

FRISCO — One of the best things about this time of year is the way things change rather quickly. The most recent snowstorm was a great example. Along with coating the peaks in a gleaming mantle of fresh white, the sudden cold changes masses of leaves overnight. Instead of bright golds, yellows and orange, many of the aspen groves turned brown. While that may disappoint some leaf-watchers who were hoping for another weekend, it helped create a whole new look for the mountains in just a few hours. There’s so much contrast and brightness in the fall landscape, and the changes are so dynamic that it’s almost hard to keep up!


The first significant snowfall of the season brightens the Meadow Creek wetlands.

Luminous autumn leaf

An autumn leaf seems to glow from within on a sunny afternoon in Frisco, Colorado.

autumn frost

autumn frost hunting near Dillon Reservoir, Colorado.

Gold aspen leaf with frost

Morning sun melts the frost on a golden aspen leaf in Frisco, Colorado.

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