Morning photo: Painting with light …

Summit magic


The last few rays of sunlight on mid-summer day slant through Tenmile Canyon, painting the rocky face of Mt. Royal with a golden glow.

FRISCO — I sometimes ask myself why I keep going back to the same spots to take pictures — after all, I already have a zillion shots from this particular nook along the shore of Dillon Reservoir. But when I scroll through the archives on my phone or computer, it’s an easy question to answer. The light is never exactly the same twice. All the shots in this set are taken within a couple of miles of our house in Frisco, right along Dillon Dam Road, at a nondescript turnout. But the quality of the light, and in some cases, an Instagram filter, can totally change the look and feel of the scene. If you enjoy these casual snapshots, visit our online gallery at FineArt America for more.


At the other end of the day, morning sunlight shafts through a ragged patch of clouds over the Continental Divide, Dillon Reservoir in the foreground.


Through the flowers …


A moody cloud deck settles over Dillon Reservoir during the Colorado monsoon season.


Raindrops sparkle on a stand of penstemon near the Old Dillon Reservoir trail.




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