Colorado: Summit recpath open for the summer


Summit County’s recpath is open for the summer.

Maintenance set for Dillon to Swan Mountain segment

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Summit County trail managers say the local recpath system is good to go for the summer. Despite some late spring snowfall, crews have been able plow nearly all of the popular trail system with the exception of the Frisco-to-Copper Mountain segment, where there’s a lingering concern about avalanche danger.

“Recent warm weather has helped us open the Recpath ahead of schedule,” said Brad Eckert, a resource specialist with Summit County Open Space and Trails department. “However, there are still wet and icy spots in shady locations and some sandy sites,” Eckert said.

Most backcountry trails are likely to be snow-packed or very muddy for several weeks. We hope that the early opening of the Recpath will provide an alternative to avoid damaging trails during this time period when they are most fragile,” he added.

In Tenmile Canyon four of the 18 known avalanche paths slid recently. Several others have the potential to send wet snow slides rushing down across the recpath. The County will continue to evaluate this hazard, and the segement will be opened when the avalanche potential has subsided.

For now, recpath users can expect to see a few maintenance vehicles, with reconstruction set for a portion of the Dillon-Keystone section from Dillon to Swan Mountain Road, including replacing the decking on the bridge over the Snake River, removing and replacing the asphalt and improving drainage. Also scheduled are improvements to signing and pavement markings. Please slow down when approaching maintenance activities and always heed warning signs or the directions of authorized personnel.

The Recpath is shared by many forms of nonmotorized uses, including runners, skateboarders walkers, dog walkers, in-line skaters, cyclists and special event participants. Anticipate crowded conditions, especially on weekends, and be prepared to slow down.

To prevent collisions and allow uninterrupted travel, please pull off the pathway when stopping. Travel on the right side of the Recpath, pass on the left, and travel at a reasonable and safe speed, and in no event faster than the posted speed limit of 25 mph or less. All dogs must be on a leash on the Recpath, and please clean up after your pet.

Questions on the paved Recpath system can be directed to the Summit County Open Space and Trails Department at 970-668-4060.

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  2. “Big Mike,” the only avalanche that ever crosses the Ten Mile Canyon rec path, dropped several weeks ago and stopped at least a hundred feet above the path this year. I have been riding my bike past “Big Mike,” located less than a hundred feet below Officers Gulch, for several weeks. However, I am forced to cross under the freeway at Officers Gulch and resume my ride on the westbound freeway since the path is not cleared on Wheeler Flats.

    I ride my bicycle 16 miles a day to and from Frisco for my work commute. When the Ten Mile Canyon rec path is not plowed, I am forced to ride the shoulder of the freeway. At four-thirty in the morning, traffic is light, but the slow ride back up to Copper Mountain provides a greater threat of being hit by heavy, high-speed traffic or a rock slide than the danger presented by empty avalanche chutes on the Ten Mile Canyon rec path.

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