Morning photo: Just another day …

Summit scenes

Bald eagle.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A morning search of the shores of Dillon Reservoir yielded another encounter with the resident bald eagle — and this time I had the right camera and the right lens to bring him in a little closer. The mighty birds favor the tallest dead lodgepoles as perches, often out on the tip of one of the peninsulas that jut into the reservoir. Even though I had both dogs with me, the eagle seemed fairly serene and let us approach quite near. When I got within good camera range, I lay down prone to stabilize the camera and clicked away. All in all, it’s been a few good days for photography, with dramatic clouds, golden trees and Friday’s sunset and moonrise, which was, simply put, mind-blowing.


Sunset over the Meadow Creek wetlands.

Autumn snow on the Tenmile Range.

Dramatic light on the Gore Range.

A break in Thursday morning’s clouds allows a shaft of sunlight to reach Silverthorne.

Looking south from Ptarmigan.

Sunset … moonrise.








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  1. Nice shots. I hope to see a bald eagle one day. :)

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