Colorado: June 4 Partial lunar eclipse

Good old moon!

Earth’s umbra, or shadow, starts to take a bite out of the moon at about 4 a.m.

By Bob Berwyn (additional photos by Daniel McVey)

SUMMIT COUNTY — Another early morning to try and get some shots of the partial lunar eclipse, this time using an older Canon EOS Rebel (the original Rebel, I think) because I happen to have a slightly longer telephoto lens for that camera. It’s not quite as sharp as the lenses of the Nikon, but I was definitely able to pull that lunar orb a bit closer. Visit my Imagekind online gallery for Summit County fine art photographs.

Eclipse watching is a subtle think, I’ve decided, especially after trying to get a glimpse of the recent solar eclipse, but it’s definitely a chance to feel the rhythm of the solar system. In between taking pictures — with the moon setting in the west and the sun coming up in the east — I closed my eyes and tried to imagine all these orbs spinning, circling, orbiting … everything in its place and in perfect harmony. It made me dizzy! See some pictures of the recent solar eclipse here, and photos of the super moon are online here.

Summit County photographer Daniel McVey was also out to capture the scene from the Dillon side of the reservoir. Click on the photo to visit his amazing online gallery and website.

The shadow grows, as Earth, moon and Sun line up.

Partial lunar eclipse, June 4, just before moonset. PHOTO BY DANIEL MCVEY. Click the image visit McVey’s website of landscape and astrophotography.

At the height of the eclipse, just before the moon set, about 35 percent of the moon’s face was in the Earth’s shadow.


Meanwhile, behind me, a lovely sunrise was unfolding …

Still waters.


Bonus moon. This shot is from last December. I found it stashed in the old Canon as I prepared that camera for today’s eclipse session. I never downloaded the image after shooting it late last year.

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  3. I saw the eclipse this morning at about 5 am and as I traveled north to Bear River NWR I was able to watch the moon set. Fantastic!

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