Morning photo: Snow, ice and frost

Old man winter hangs on …

A blue-tinged twilight in the depth of winter.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — So it’s late, and I’m tired but I still want to post a few pics from the archives and decided to scroll through the last few months to find some as-yet unpublished shots from this strange winter, when ice, rather than snow, dominated the scenery for several months. From a photography standpoint, it was a real treat. I saw some ice and crystal formations that usually don’t exist, or at least not for long, during a normal winter, whatever that is. And everytime it does snow, I appreciate it all the more.

Ice feathers growing along the Snake River.

Rose leaves.

Sunset in the mudflats of Dillon Reservoir.

I couldn't decide if I liked the mud foreground in the previous shot, so I cropped it out with the zoon in this version.

Morning mists.

By the dumpster.

Snowy boulder.Ice in progress ...

4 Responses

  1. Goodness Bob, how delightful these pics are this morning. The third one of the rose leaves, a stand alone in a well lit long hallway, the last of the snowy boulder, comes across as if it was painted. Thank You.

  2. Thes are beautiful Bob!

  3. Superb photography, Bob. The camera is not just a mere recording device in your hands.

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