Morning photo: L’Afrique

In the desert …

Flipping off a dune at the Festival in the Desert. ©GARRETT PALM. Click on the image for slidesow.

SUMMIT COUNTY — During the past few weeks we’ve been running a series of travel essays by Garrett Palm, who is traveling in Africa and the Middle East. The first part of his trip was spent volunteering at the Festival in the Desert, a world music concert that has its roots in a historic trade gathering on the southern edge of the Sahara. Garrett graciously allowed us to choose some his best pics to post as an essay, but I’d encourage you to watch the whole slideshow, online his Flickr photo stream.

Bamaka mali foosball

A foosball table on the streets of Bamako. Click on the image to read more about Bamako.

Mali, Tuareg

Saleck, a Tuareg craftsman.

David, a French fire spinner, performs his act with traditional Tuareg singers.

Festival au desert, camels, desert

Tuareg traders arriving at the Festival in the Desert.

Artists row at the Festival in the desert.

Desert gathering in Mali.

Wouldn’t be the Sahara without camels.

World music in Mali.

A boat shipping goods to Tombouctou stops to buy fish for that night's meal. With no paved roads, only 4 X 4 trails, to Tombouctou, the majority of goods are shipped via penasse on the Niger. Click to read more.

Hauling water in Kita, a large village 3 hours south of Bamako. Even in the cities, many families send their children to the nearest well to fill jugs and barrels of water for the day.

3 Responses

  1. How peaceful the scenes, if only that was reality in the whole world today.

  2. The slide show is amazing, superb photography.

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