Morning photo: Snake River

Such a fine line between water and ice!

On the cusp of winter ...

SUMMIT COUNTY — After dropping the boys off at Keystone to let them work off the turkey and pumpkin pie, I headed up a short distance along Montezuma Road, pulling over in one of the dispersed camping areas to let the dogs out for some lightly supervised play time. It’s one of my favorite areas to take photos; the weird luminescence of the water comes partly from the high levels of toxic heavy metals in the stream. It’s pretty, but toxic to trout and other aquatic critters. But never mind, it’s still a great place to shoot, and the in-between-ness of the seasons heightened the drama — not to mention the very cool ice formations on some of the rocks.

Sort of a trout's-eye view of the Snake, if there were any trout in this part of the river.

Some nice contrast between the warm sunlight on the near riverbank, and the cool blue shadows of winter across the stream.

Ice forms along the Snake River in late November.

Ice coats a rock in the Snake River near Keystone, Colorado.

The edge.

"Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose ..."

It was the middle of the day, but the scene was still marked by a muted winter half-light.



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2 Responses

  1. Lovely photos. Are the heavy metals natural or has the stream been polluted from human activity? That would be sad.

    • Both, Caitlin. In this, some is from abandoned mines upstream and some from natural mineral concentrations in the rocks. One mine in particular is seen as the source of about75 percent of the pollution.

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