Morning photo: November!

The onset of winter

Looking over Summit County from Tenderfoot Mountain on a sub-zero November morning.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I think of November as a quiet month, with long, chilly and dark days. Winter hasn’t really quite started yet, autumn is definitely over … going out and shooting pictures involves new challenges, namely the cold weather. I think I’ve been near frostbite several times on some of these sunrise expeditions. But just because there are no more golden aspen leaves, or rosy wildflowers doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a good image or three! Enjoy these November shots of Summit County and vote in the poll at the end to choose which image will be part of the 2012 Summit Voice calendar. And remember, all the photography you see on Summit Voice can be purchased as prints. We have a selection of photos for sale online at Imagekind, and another gallery at RedBubble.

November dawn over the Gore Range.

Buffalo Mountain over Silverthorne.

A crystal clear morning in Frisco.

Winter grass.

Frisco, my hometown.

November sky.

November moon.

Frozen wetlands.

Flying high at Copper.

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3 Responses

  1. The vote is no working, why? I vote for November sky.

  2. Bob, “Eureka”, will success spoil this one? Not on your life, but it sure do make for a wonderful feeling to top off my espresso[s] this Sunday morning. You really make it hard to choose, but then, we are blessed to have your eye. Thank you, from the bottom of my cup[s].

  3. Bob….They are all GREAT….You take amazing pictures…I will pick one though but it will be hard!

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