Morning photo: Blue

From the Danube to blueberry pie …

The blue Danube, from the stern of a hydrofoil racing downriver from Vienna to Bratislava.

SUMMIT COUNTY — We’ve done the yellow and the red, so there are only a few primary colors left, and blue is next in our series of color-themed photoblogs. It’s amazing how many shades of blue there area when you really start looking, and rather than picking out blue objects, I looked for images that had an overall blue cast.We’re always looking for guest photographers to share images, so if you have a few photos you want to share, please contact

The blue Adriatic Sea off the coast of Piran, photographed through a hotel window.

Blue ice and sea along the Antarctic Peninsula.

Snowflakes take on a blue cast from the light coming through the rear window of a Subaru.

Just for fun, some blueberries.

On an icy mid-winter morning along the Ptarmigan Trail, the light in the shadows was frozen blue, under a bright blue Colorado sky.

Blueness along the coast of Albania as a fishing boat heads out under an early morning rainstorm.

For me, the mountain forget-me-not has the purest shade of blue of any wildflower.

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