Photoblog: Prowling with powder cats at Monarch

Fresh tracks

Summit County skier and musician Leon Littlebird finds a deep pocket of fluff at Monarch Mountain on the first day of spring.

SUMMIT COUNTY — My thighs are still burning, but my fingers seem to be working OK after a powder day in the glades, bowls and chutes of the snowcat-served backcountry at Monarch Mountain, where about 6 inches of snow piled up before sunrise on the first day of spring. Monarch Snowcat Tours continue through April 10, conditions permitting, and late season often brings some great powder atop a solid base. There are a few openings left for the last couple of weeks of the season; you can check availability by looking at the online calendar. Otherwise, start making your plans for next year.

The Monarch snowcat adds a splotch of color to a stormy spring powder day.

Dylan Berwyn lays down a phat turn in some windblown powder at Monarch Mountain.

A snag picks up a coating rime at Monarch Mountain near the unloading zone for the backcounry snowcat tours.

Steep-n-deep at Monarch Mountain.

Anticipation during the ride up.

Finding the goods with Monarch Mountain Snowcat Tours.

Entering the White Room at Monarch Mountain, Colorado.

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  1. Wow, that looks really awesome. Wish I were there!

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